Tardive Dyskinesia

I’ve written about my Tardive Dyskinesia before (a rare side effect from certain antidepressants), but a friend told me not to talk about it and not to tell people I have it.  She saw it as no big deal, she wasn’t being mean.  But it works out better for me when I tell people on the phone that I’m not drunk, that my slurred speech is from TD.  It works out better for me when I tell my friends I’m out with that my jaw is working back and forth because of TD.  My one friend said, “Sarah, I thought you were chewing gum!!” I could have hugged her, I wish it was as simple as  chewing gum.

I had  to go to a “movement disorder neurologist” (I had never known there were different types of neurologists).  She quickly diagnosed me and was sympathetic.

I bite the insides of my mouth and my tongue, and my words are slurred.  It’s no longer just a lisp I have, I’m slurring.  I also grind my teeth and push my bottom jaw forward.   There have been two new medications recently out on the market for TD.  I’ve tried both, and, of course, they gave me such horrible side effects I couldn’t continue the drugs.

So while I’m fighting my anxiety and depression, I’m also fighting the drive-thru at Tim Hortons so they can understand me.  I just wish more people knew about this. I was ignorant until Andrea and I started googling, “wiggling tongue”!

Pay It Foward


6 comments on “Tardive Dyskinesia

  1. I am constantly amazed by your strength..and as a friend who has been ignorant about this condition, I thank you for helping me understand what you are dealing with and for educating me. So much love for you my dear.

  2. Willie Schutter says:

    My sympathies, friend. I admire your strength.

  3. Thanks, Willie, who knows everything!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your honesty, and courage to share and what I refer to as “true grit” is a message that inspires us all…sending you continued strength and love💕❗️

  5. Thanks, it’s therapy for me!

  6. I’ve always enjoyed your posts and honest outlook on life. You have helped so many people better understand themselves and I thank you for that….amazing woman.

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