Someone once told me, “Well, that’s how she floats”, and it’s helped me.  If I know someone is perpetually late, instead of getting ticked off about it, I still decide I can love her, just knowing that that’s how she floats.  If someone is a knee-jerk reaction type person, I should know that’s how she floats, and I can decided if she’s worth being a good friend or not.  You get the gist, right?

Me, I’m a different kettle of fish. I don’t think I float at all! I sink.  I sink w/ anxiety and depression most of  the time and have to keep treading water in order to float! But I try to float easily. I hear my therapist on my shoulder constantly telling me things over and over.  (Yes, we keep covering the same ground as well as new ground.)

So try to remember that people don’t have to live up to your own expectations and remember “that’s how they float”.  You won’t change them…

Pay if Forward (at Tim Horton’s)


One comment on “Floating

  1. Nancy Hanna says:

    Oh girlfriend – can I relate to this one!! My battleship sunk last week, but guess what, I’m back up and I am giving it a go matey…..arghhh just like a pirate!! I said “whatever floats your boat” is good with me and bit my tongue way too many times lately. Trying to figure out if everyone has gone crazy or if it’s just me lol or maybe a little of both! Still trying to master the “float” not sink thing! Hope you’re floating now Sarah!

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